Monday, 14 March 2016

Lil Wayne pours champagne on his Galaxy S7 in Samsung’s newest ad campaign [VIDEO]

It’s Galaxy S7 day, which means Samsung has started flooding the airwaves to let folks know that their latest and greatest smartphone is now available to purchase. It sseems Samsung is ditching the usual comedic jabs at Apple and the back-patting to introduce a bit of star power.

Lil Wayne is the star of their first marketing campaign for the devices. Apparently his biggest reason for owning one is its ability to withstand a champagne bath. You know, because ceremoniously pouring champagne on your phone is definitely something most people need.

Ridiculousness aside, it’s sure to draw the attention of many-a Wayne fan, and even if you don’t fancy his music the sight of a phone surviving a shower of spirits will at least intrigue someone. Oh, and Weezy also teamed up with Wesley Snipes to do some Gear VR ads, too: