Monday, 25 January 2016

Here are the first cases for the LG G5

MobileFun has revealed the first cases they’ll be offering for the LG G5. These are some of the first cases we’re seeing period, and with LG said to be making their big splash at Mobile World Congress this year we wouldn’t be surprised if more flooded in from here on out.

This particular case is by Olixar, and features a 2-piece rugged design that should absorb a lot of shock in the event of a fall. There’s also the addition of a kickstand which will be nice for those who like to prop their devices up on their desk.

As always, it’s worth noting that case manufacturers might be using renders and leaks to put their early photos together, so the design of the phone in the product photos might not be totally accurate. This case in particular doesn’t make much room for imagination, though, so there’s nothing to take from it anyway. MobileFun will sell this particular case for $14.95 if you’re interested, so place an order for oneif you want to ensure you’ll get it by the time your device makes its way to your doorstep.