Thursday, 10 December 2015

ASUS, LG make fun of iPhone’s new smart battery case and its ridiculous hump

So, instead of sacrificing a bit of thinness for a bigger battery pack, Apple has opted to go for an unsightly hump for users to attach to their iPhones. The hump — which comes in at a whopping $99 — adds additional battery power over the internal unit.

If self-admission that their batteries aren’t large enough to satiate most power users’ need isn’t enough embarrassment, ASUS and LG want to drive that home with some funny marketing. The two companies used the opportunity to ridicule Apple on Twitter, noting that their devices provide more battery life without having that ridiculous hump to show for it.

Of course, this probably won’t do much in the way of keeping Apple from selling more phones than the other two companies combined, but it sure does get a kick out of us internet folk.