Tuesday, 24 November 2015

OnePlus Auctioning Ceramic Version Of OnePlus X For Charity

OnePlus decided to go and make special Zirconia ceramic editions of their OnePlus X. The material, OnePlus says, is so hard to work with that only 20% of the backs they produce are good enough to pass their quality tests. That’s probably why there will only be 10,000 of these things in total.

To kick things off, the company is offering the first five of these things up for auction. They’re doing it through eBay Giving Works which makes it easy to dedicate your proceeds to a specific cause. For OnePlus, that cause is charity: water, an organization which strives to provide fresh drinking water for challenged countries. Sounds plenty good for us.

The auctions will start at $.99, and will function just like any typical eBay auction would. All winners receive the phone itself (not just an invite like the original OnePlus 2 charity auction) as well as a physical invite to give to someone else to buy one. Whoever has the highest winning bid will also be awarded some special prize, though OnePlus wasn’t ready to reveal what, exactly, it is. It’s a good cause and a good way to ensure you are among the first to get your hands on this special OnePlus X without having to wait in a long and agonizing line for it. Check the auctions out here.