Friday, 5 June 2015

Samsung strikes again Apple company! This time directly on the iPhone 6 (VIDEO)

Whether Apple will respond to these provocations Samsung company? We can not guarantee but in our opinion, Apple will answer this in a stylish way. See what it is!

Samsung's ascension and success that has so far built a high thanks to a very clever marketing moves. In some markets where competition is strong Samsung often tends to be teasing his humorous or provocative advertisements. "The Next Big Thing" campaign from 2013 years has been as aggressive and successful that Apple's marketing chief Tim Cook said that they need a new marketing agency in order to defend themselves from attacks by Samsung.

Following the huge success of the anti-Apple ad, Samsung has continued with a series of interesting advertisements that tell how the code 6 of the new Galaxy phone Edge larger and more valuable than 6 marks a new iPhone. The series of these commercials is called "6 is greater than 6".

See videos below: