Sunday, 28 June 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 got Android 5.1.1 upgrade (VIDEO)

What is new and what changes are made, read and see in the video. Android 5.1.1 update for Galaxy S6 software is available for download for some time. The list of changes is relatively short.

The latest version of Android operating system on this device provides a number of useful options. On the video, see if you can notice the difference between the two S6 phone - one with 5.0.2 and the other with 5.1.1Android version. If you can not you notice what's new, read, said GSM Arena blog.

RAW format is not supported in SAMSNUG camera application, a Pro mode is the same as before. Samsung is added support for Camera2 API, so you can take photos in RAW format.

The biggest UI change is that now you can with the Finder and Quick Connect buttons turn off. Among other new features, is available in A-Z sorting work with applications and wallpaper parallax effect. Results of benchmark tests are almost the same.

Test the batteries will soon be available. For now, do not miss much if you have not yet received an upgrade.