Thursday, 18 June 2015

QuickPanel Restore restores missing quick settings Galaxy S6

QuickPanel Restore
If you have these days are among those that struck the mysterious disappearance of the respective switches the fast setting S6 models Galaxy or Galaxy S6 edge, look forward to you as Samsung found a solution available to everyone through the mini-application.

Sending upgrade Android 5.1 Samsung's Galaxy owners S6 and S6 edge and sent unwanted gift in the form of a bug that caused the disappearance of the first switches in the Quick Settings to activate and deactivate mobile data, and later others.

At the end of this story from the Twilight Zone, first tried to stop hacking team Forum xda developers, but the results were not exactly positive. Now Samsung has responded own solution in the form of mini-applications is significant names QuickPanel Restore, a task it is just that - to recover the missing switches in the Quick menu within the Center for notifications.

The app is supposedly a little harder to find in Samsung's store so it is recommended Search term QuickPanel Restore or here on Forum xda