Tuesday, 2 June 2015

NEW ANDROID M has a nice FUNCTION: See what's changed! (VIDEO)

New Android M will appear in the autumn of this year and will bring a number of improvements in the safety and performance. In addition, Google will introduce another new option that we have not had a chance to use.

In fact, it is a function that will within all applications automatically run a Google search, and free will after that I recognize what is on the screen, and will deliver results accordingly.

Another advantage Now on Tap options is that the search results will not be a boring links, already Now cards that will in itself have the information, and various other functions. Now on Tap function will be run when the user holds the home button.

For example, in the pet application citing the actress Anna Kendrick and movie Pitch Perfect 2, holding the home button will throw cards that have to do with these two concepts. Users can also ask questions using "Ok Google" command.

Now on Tap function will in fact your whole phone to connect to Google Search, so you can literally search everything and anything at any time.

See how it will look this function: