Sunday, 7 June 2015

How to monitor your heart rate on any Android smartphone? Instant Heart-Rate App

Did you know that on all smart phones that have rear camera and LED flash, you can monitor your heart rate? While on the phone there is a sensor to monitor heart rate, with one application there is a way to bypass the hardware barrier. Here's how!
Not all phones equipped with full equipment, which among other things includes a sensor to monitor heart rate. We can not all afford Galaxy S5 or S6 Galaxy, however, we can at least some of the phone with the rear camera and LED flash.

The whole system of sensors is very simple. He actually track changes color fingers caused by pulsating blood. So you can imagine how it monitors the heart rate and measurement of pulse beats over the phone without the sensor. All you need is a camera, an application that will process the information received and the light pulse.

The Google Play store there are many applications that can help serve as a great tool for cardiac monitoring. However, among the crowd aside the application that it works without sensors. Instant Heart Rate-allows you to measure your heart rate during the current day later where you can track all results. These reports can be stored on Azumio account or synchronize with Google Fit application. To make it even better, the application has some advice based on the user's current health status, age, weight, height and physical condition.

All you need to do is to download the "Instant Heart-Rate" on your smart phone with the Google Play Store or enclosed link:

Start is, place your finger half on the flash, half the camera, and check that your application is measured pulse. That's it. If it happens that the application does not take a pulse that's probably because it is moving so much, speak or move your finger. Enjoy the application!