Saturday, 13 June 2015

Hound better than Siri, Google Now and Cortana (VIDEO)

Last week launched another virtual assistant for Android. It's called the Hound, and comes from a company SoundHound known for its quite famous tool for music recognition. Hound is in the video that you see below countered Apple's Siri, Google Now service and Microsoft Cortana. One gets the impression better than all three.

In the video below you will notice above all, the speed at which Hound recognizes voice queries and impressive speed and precision response. In addition Hound easily recognized and complicated queries and there is no problem with the context, that the other three assistants often do not understand. So if you're wondering what the weather in New York and get a response, you can tell just "And in London?" And Hound will know what you mean and give information about the weather in the Metropolis.

Hound virtual assistant for Android is currently in beta and only works in the United States, but if you want and you try, you can, provided you have be rooted Android. More information about the installation process, locate the Xda Developers forum.

If you do not have root Android,  you can read how to get Hound app without root device.

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