Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Endurance tests all the more bizarre: they burned the HTC One M9

One common way of testing the release of smart phone on the concrete to see what kind of damage can occur. And now they have introduced and flamethrower.

New mobile phones in the market are regularly carried out through various tests and reviews. Bending the iPhone after the release of the last models of the most famous mobile phone in the world was especially popular trend and are bent and many other competitive phones.

One of the regulars ways of visual testing is releasing the phone on the concrete to see what kind of damage can occur.

However, one portal went a little further with this version of the test. Page Digiato decided to test the HTC's new One M9 model, but in addition to the release under introduced an additional variable - the flamethrower!

Glamorous HTC's model did not make it so aggressively testing, but good and resisted the hot test.

With the release of the concrete concerns M9 They proved to be very good, and confirmed speculation that is partly good resistant to damage.

Let's hope still flaring test will become the standard in testing new gadgets ..