Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Manage smart clock fingers, without touching!

Aria is the addition of Pebble Time and Android Wear smart watches that allows you to manage these devices without touching. Simply attach Aria addition to the inside of the smart clock and using gestures fingers manage it.
 With this plugin comes with an application that allows you to perform all settings. You might be wondering what will this supplement if you already watch serves as a shortcut to use the phone? Easy: the other hand is free. To navigate through the interface smart clock you need the other hand, but with the addition of a second hand can be freed and used for something else, for example, to eat, drink, write ...

Aria is connected via Bluetooth Low Energy and does not require additional batteries. In a week because of this addition should be launched on Kickstarter, the price and Developer versions for Android Wear is $ 169.